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About Us                                                
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                                                                                            Twin Oaks House, San Marcos, Ca   
Gary Baker - is a second generation craftsman painter with thirty years personal painting experience that runs the full gamut of his trade: industrial, commercial, new homes and his current specialty: custom repaints. He picked the brain of his stepfather for all the "old school" ways of doing things while serving as his apprentice.  Now a San Diego County painting and decorating contractor, he is licensed (C-33) by the State of California Contractors State License Board (see footer). Gary enjoys working for particular homeowners and contractors that appreciate his level of expertise.  He still works on every job every day giving clients the level of personal attention and quality assurance that is so hard to find in a contractor these days.
My Company History
The name RB Painting began as a double entendre...
While RB Painting worked well in Rancho Bernardo and North Poway where I'd painted most over the years, the name actually comes from the combination of two companies: Don Reiber Painting and Gary Baker Painting. My step father, Don Reiber, was a journeyman painter working in Rancho Bernardo in 1964 for AVCO (the original developer of early RB).  He eventually started his own business, married my mother and taught me how to paint in the late 70s. In the 80s I branched out on my own, then in the 90s my stepdad and I became partners in RB Painting.  And while Don passed away several years ago, I kept the company name in his honor. RB Painting lives on in San Marcos and all of San Diego County, "painting Rancho Bernardo (and beyond) one house at a time".
Customer Testimonials
  We could set our watches by his arrival time!
    Bob Y., Rancho Bernardo
  My house was cleaner when he left!
    Liz S., Poway
  Truly professional!
    Dave A., Ramona
  He took care of it all... I never had to do a thing!
    Margaret W., Poway
  I've found a painter for life!
    Camille W., Escondido  


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