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Painting for Homeowners........A Family Tradition of Excellence

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Painter in San Marcos, Ca

Painting Contractor San Diego


RB Painting

 Gary Baker -- Master Housepainter


Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Cabinets, Decks


Every Home Deserves a High-End Paint Job
    5 Stars on Yelp:                                    5 Stars on Kudzu:  
                                                      BBB Rating= A+                                                                  
The Issues are Service and Customer Satisfaction
95% Customer Referrals 
No drips, No splatters, No kidding!
Meticulous Surface Preparation + High Quality Finishes = A Longer Lasting Paint Job


Quality, Value & Reliability...
An Unbeatable Combination for Over 25 Years


Specializing in painting for individual homeowners:

Taking the time to do it right means no cutting corners

Fair pricing means giving customers what they pay for.

Doing one job at a time means being there every day.
Neat and Clean Makes Life Easier On You
Causing Minimal Disruption to your Daily Life
Cleaning behind heavy furniture means
Homes are often cleaner when I leave.
Never leaving a mess over night means
Painted rooms are usable the same day.


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Taking Pride in One's Work...

Better Prep Work Means a Better Paint Job


Exterior dirt, moss and mildew is always removed.

Every crack is caulked and holes are filled.

Stucco patching matches existing texture.

All peeling paint is scraped, sanded & spot-primed.



Professionalism and Attention to Detail

 Shine Through on Every Project


No paint where it doesn't belong, ever:

A professional protects everything, taking no chances.

The little details make a big difference: 

Always a smooth finish and crisp paint lines.



For more information or free painting estimate

please contact:


Gary Baker, Owner

RB Painting